Sharpen your bird brain: where to go birding in NYC

Birding, if you don’t know but you probably do, is the practice of finding, identifying and watching birds in their natural habitat. The idea of which has never totally appealed to us but whenever we meet someone who’s bird watched before, they are ecstatic about it.

So we asked our friend Matt who’s literally written a book on the subject what the appeal is. “I just think it’s really exciting, especially during the warbler migration when they come up north for the summer,” he said. “Spotting a beautiful little bird is like finding a jewel in the wild. It’s satisfying to go out, and pay attention, and have your observations be rewarded!”

We hear there’s more to it than walking around the park looking up at the trees so check out one of one the guided tours graciously compiled by another birding friend (thanks, Nora!) below.

Brooklyn Bird Club
Free guided birding in Prospect Park first Sunday of every month, 8 a.m. Introduction to Birdwatching, Saturdays, 12 p.m.

Greenwood Cemetery Tours
Offered every Wednesday morning at 8am. Tours are $10.

Central Park
Various tours offered throughout the month. $10-$15.


Tip: The early bird gets the… app.

Birders have traditionally used paper field guides to help identify different species but a variety of apps have sprung up in the last few years that take advantage of the features of your phone to help you bird better (think location based tools, audio recordings and places to document your findings). Beginners will appreciate apps that help identify birds while birding enthusiasts will benefit from apps that detail locations of specific types of birds.


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