YYC: Wild Climbs in the Rocky Mountains

Mappy Hour YYC

For December Mappy Hour we celebrated the places to play and explore in our backyard. The conversation was led by renowned alpinist Raphael Slawinsk who, though he’s traveled to the far reaches of the world, still loves playing in the Rockies.

Here’s a quick list of Raphael’s suggestions for the weekend warrior. Watch the full video below for even more details and a few personal anecdotes from Raphael’s adventures (and don’t forget to sign up for next month!)

Easy trips from Calgary:

  • Mount Temple
  • Mount Chephren
  • Mount Andromeda
  • Mount Alberta
  • Columbia Icefields
  • Grotto Mountain (for Type 1, pure fun, rock climbing)

A few words of advice:

  • The mountains are more than rock and ice – they’re about the people who came before you.
  • Expedition climbing sounds really cool but a lot of it doesn’t even involve climbing (there are geopolitical challenges, access, and general traveling challenges like stomach grit)
  • It’s not always about the highest mountain, you can find challenge and adventure in all sorts of places.
  • There are amazing places around the world…but lets not forget our backyard.

Full video:


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