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Some liken it to the night before Christmas. There’s that sense of anticipation in the air – will it be better than last year? What are you wishing for? What surprises are in store? Who will you share it with?


But it’s not really Christmas, it’s the weeks before the onset of ski season, when there’s snow in the mountains, but it hasn’t quite reached the city, and where we start planning the upcoming winter trips and adventures in our Rocky Mountain backyard.

Thursday, October 29 marked the first Canadian “Mappy Hour”, at the Village Brewery in Calgary and hosted by “Powder” Matt Mosteller and SnowSeekers.



Mappy Hour started in New York, and it’s a monthly urban gathering for outdoor enthusiasts. And there’s no shortage of those in Calgary – close to 100 people showed up for the inaugural event, which featured a talk and presentation by local athlete and backcountry skier Ian Holmes.


Holmes got the crowd excited for winter with a slideshow of his favourite backcountry spots in the Alberta and BC Rockies – many of which are located within a couple of hours of Calgary. Naming off known and obscure places, the crowd joined in with plenty of questions about backcountry safety, getting ready for the season, and where to go.

The room was filled with a huge variety of enthusiasts, from out-of-town visitors, to backcountry novices, through to expert skiers, the common thread was the passion for our mountains and the experiences we can share together this winter.

When the snowflakes started to fall in the city a few days later, while many were cursing the frosted windshields and cold winds, I have no doubt the Mappy Hour folks smiled, knowing the countdown to snow season was in full force.

Many thanks to Village Brewery for hosting the first-ever Canadian Mappy Hour.

After a packed reception to Canada’s first ever MappyHour, Powder Matt, Paula Worthington, the folks from OutdoorFest, SnowSeekers and others welcome new friends and neighbours back to the Village Brewery on Monday November 16 at 7pm. Set some tire to rubber this season and get planning for your winter adventures over $4 craft beers.

Author/Writer Tom Babin speaks about what he’s discovered in his quest to love winter biking.  Winter biking has become Babin’s happy place and from his book, “Frostbike”, he describes the sport as “the unique kind of bliss that can only come by pedalling through softly falling snow on a quiet winter night”.

Babin’s take on winter biking kind of sounds really similar to the zen we score when we move through fresh snow on the slopes. Mappy Hour YCC November 16 will be anouther great night to fuel our soul full of adventure inspiration.

For more details check out the Mappy Hour website and to book your spot, RSVP here.

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