D.C.: Fly Fishing with Filson

This month, Mappy Hour D.C. teamed up with Filson for a night dedicated to fly fishing locally. We started the night with name tags and beer (thanks Sierra Nevada!) at Filson’s D.C. store on 14th. Both newbies and seasoned fisherman were in attendance, excited to hear from local guide Rob Snowhite.


About Rob: Rob Snowhite is an urban fly fishing guide in dc. He loves taking people fishing in or near the city, to show what you can catch without going far. Rob has caught 5 snakeheads in 12 years and if you catch one, you get free guided trip!



Rob showed us several different kinds of rods and a ton of flies, and taught us how to tie a fly and general casting techniques. Then we dove into the best places to go both in, and nearby, Washington D.C.

Top 4 Place To Go Fly Fishing Near D.C.
– Tidal Basin
– 4 Mile Run
– Rock Creek
– C&O canal

He also offered an easy checklist for the new fishermen and women in the room to make sure everyone is prepared for their first fly fishing trip.

The Basics: What you need to bring
– Rod and reel
– Vest or sling bag
– Glasses to keep hooks out of your eye
– Flies
– Fly box
– Sunscreen
– a vice for tying knots

After Rob finished, we were able to ask questions and then meet other locals to chat about adventures both near and far. Find the full photo album for this Mappy Hour here.


A huge thanks goes out to Filson for making this Mappy Hour possible.


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