Mappy Hour Skills: Intro to Bushcraft

A group gathered in a Brooklyn bike shop on a late winter night, with cordage, sticks, and knives – ready to learn the basics of bushcraft. Tonight, we’d be following the lead of Greg Wilson for the third installment of the NYC Mappy Hour Skills Series at 718 Cyclery! 

5 Essentials for the Backcountry

Greg started the night with a history of bushcraft, his entry into the world and importantly, the five essentials you should always have in your kit before heading outside:

  1. Combustion
  2. Shelter
  3. Cutting Tool
  4. Cordage
  5. Container

Then we learned lashing, made a pot hang and re-used cat food cans to create alcohol stoves.

Watch the full video of the night here:

Thank you to 718 Cyclery for hosting us and for taking these awesome photos.


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