The 5 Best Ski Podcasts

There are many reasons to plow into a skiing podcast; from being entertained on the morning commute, getting the latest industry beta, hearing from pros and visionaries, to getting a glimpse into skiings’ roots. I have been enjoying catching up on several podcasts to build the stoke this season and stay awake on long powder-chasing drives, and am impressed with what is out there. Here are some of my favorites, all of which are currently making and releasing new episodes.

1. The Out of Bounds Podcast

Started in 2018, the Out of Bounds Podcast features interviews and occasional gear guides with Adam Jaber from western Massachusetts. The hosts’ knowledge from growing up and working in a shop makes for many entertaining shows, featuring interviews with owners of travel and guiding outfits, boutique ski brands, influencers, and sponsored athletes. Episodes can be both funny and reveal some inner workings of the industry. Having worked at a shop myself, this show tells it like it is.

2. Storm Skiing Podcast

This stellar podcast is new this season and the guests and discussions thus far give an in-depth view into Northeast Skiing. Episodes of the Storm Skiing Podcast give a behind-the-scenes view into the ski industry with interviews with leaders from iconic organizations like Killington and Boyne Resorts, as well as chats about historic ski areas (the Northeast has well over 500!) and ski lift engineering.  Think in-depth coverage about ski lift infrastructure, snow making technology, and skier visits, versus pro skiers. Not neccesarily the “shreddiest” podcast but perhaps the most informative, the focus so far is decidedly on the ‘Ice Coast’ (Eastern US).

3. Dirtbag Diaries

Although not a ski-centric podcast, the tales of perseverance and triumph in the outdoor adventure realm featured, make this podcast top notch. Episodes of the Dirtbag Diaries tend to be in a memoir or first person storytelling format. Themes range from insane feats of endurance, to dealing with risk, injury, and preservation of public lands. This podcast is my go-to for thoughtful pieces from folks that live and breathe the outdoors.

4. Low Pressure Podcast

The Low Pressure Podcast is entering its 8th season with casual yet extensive interviews with many pro skiers as well as film producers, photographers, and more. I have enjoyed going through the extensive archives to hear genuine conversations with folks from ski films and products I’ve come across over the years. This podcast definitely features some of the hardest charging skiers in the world! The host, Mark Warner, is based in Whistler, so the focus is mainly on western regions in Canada and the US but the host is well traveled and there are interviews from all over the world.

5. Wintry Mix Cast

Host Alex Kaufman (‘AK’) of Wintry Mix Podcast is a down to earth guy with core skiing roots including Rocky Mountain ski bumming and working with the Ski the East crew. Content includes timely pieces on hot topics like I-70 congestion, the rise of the multi-mountain passes, and the trademark debacle. Innovative brands and mountain-town characters are also featured in a casual interview format. Though intermittent it’s worth a listen.

By Ari Giller-Leinwohl. Want to contribute? Learn how here.

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