Interview with Trail Runner Coree Woltering

Illinois-based trail runner, ultra runner, and The North Face Athlete Coree Woltering talks running and identity in the outdoors
Joe Cruz Kyrgyzstan

Finding Place and Places through Bikepacking

I took my first bikepacking trip in the late 1980s. We didn’t know that what we were doing was called that since the label...
Derick Lugo Speaking North Face NYC 2-12-20 @shawnaustere 2020-29

NYC: Derick Lugo, The Unlikely Thru-Hike

While I'd read The Unlikely Thru-Hiker last year when it came out, hearing Derick Lugo recount his experience and read passages from his book...

Hiking and Biking As A Means For Social Change

Adapted from an October 2017 talk in NYC For Courtney Williams and Katina Grays, the outdoors were always a passion, ever since they were little...
Alexa Tubbs

From New York City to the Appalachain Trail

We got a chance to hop on the phone with Mappy Hour NYC Member Alexa before she sets off for the Continental Divide Trail...

Watch: Hiking and biking as a means for social change

Editor's Note: We know the audio is tough to hear so we wrote a recap of the entire talk here. Featuring Katina Grays from Outdoor...

CHI: Women in the Outdoors: Building Community

0 In honor of International Women's Day, Mappy Hour Chicago's Women in the Outdoors: Building Community panel on March 11, 2020 featured various leaders around...

Following the Memories and the Leaves

An Adventure cycling adventure from Portland, Maine to the White Mountains of New Hampshire

Meet Atlee Tyree Nashville’s New Chapter Leader

This May, Mappy Hour will launch in Nashville, Tennessee. Leading the charge is Nashville local Atlee Tyree. We sat down with Atlee to chat...