Photo of a person on a rock in fall foliage

NYC: Fall Foliage at Gertrude’s Nose

The best hike in the Hudson Valley is even better during fall
South Mountain Reservation

NYC: A Winter Loop at South Mountain Reservation

Thanks to Melissa Goodwin of Girl Gotta Hike for sharing this awesome itinerary. A perennial favorite, South Mountain Reservation is one of Girl Gotta...
Blue Trail Marker

NYC: Beacon Fire Tower + Bull Hill

Hike Beacon Fire Tower and Bull Hill without a car
Hiking the Devil's Path

Devil’s Path tested our hiking limits

It’s easy to become overconfident when you're spending most of your weekends outdoors. But the thing about exploring these wild places is that eventually...
NYC Beaches

Here are our favorite NYC beaches

We were in Kentucky last weekend climbing in the Red River Gorge and when the weather turned hot and humid, as it did almost...
Paddling in the St. Regis Christie

Stay cool with these summer outdoor activities

Confession: we’ve been feeling more sorta than outdoorsy lately and we’re blaming it on the heat. When it’s so hot out that we’re sweating...

Climb a rock: Here’s where to go climbing near New York City

We were looking for a hobby that took us outside after we moved to the city a few years ago. Luckily, we haphazardly discovered...

Get into gear: Here’s where you can go mountain biking near New York City

Our interest in mountain biking was piqued at a wedding last fall when we overheard a bunch of dolled-up friends of the bride planning...
Road Trip Out West

Tools to make the most of your outdoorsy road trip

Our road trip out west this week has been a success thanks to a collection of websites and tools we used to plan our...

Sharpen your bird brain: where to go birding in NYC

Birding, if you don’t know but you probably do, is the practice of finding, identifying and watching birds in their natural habitat. The idea...

Hike in Minnewaska State Park for scenic views of waterfalls

We have this friend named Tim who’s not the most outdoorsy of souls but who finally, after months of us sending him countless well...

Practice your map and compass skills in the park

"I think we should be about there," someone said as we approached an indistinct corner of Prospect Park. We were a few hours into...