Mappy Hour at T2

January Mappy Hour Registration is Open

It’s already January which means another Mappy Hour! This month’s Mappy Hour will be at T2 Multisport on the Upper East Side.

We’re excited to be at T2 because they have CompuTrainers (which we first experienced while“riding” with Rebecca Rusch in November). These computer systems connect with the bikes in the studio (which are real road bikes) and let you track your ride in really interesting and innovative ways. Though it’s been warm this past weekend – this technology is pretty neat for when the roads are icy and you really can’t ride outside. The trainer (and our presenter) Robert can adjust the bikes virtually to add hills, wind/drafting, and other terrain variables. The system even allows you to input a specific course for training.

For Mappy Hour will look at the technology and how it works for year round training as well as how to train for endurance rides like century races and touring adventures which are right around the corner. T2 will also be hooking everyone up with a free class!

Event details are here and registration is here.

We hope you’ll join us for another great night of adventure talk with local outdoor enthusiasts.

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