Ramen Outside: Bikepacking to Croton Point Park

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Saturday, May 13, 2023From 8:00 am to 2:00 pm


Croton Point Park
1 Croton Point Ave, Croton-On-Hudson, NY 10520


This month is special, as it's both Bike Month and AAPI Month. As such, we're combining our annual bikepacking trip and themed event to bring you Ramen Outside! -- like Coffee Outside, but with ramen.

The trip
We're teaming up with the Packratters for a weekend of biking and camping.

Our itinerary

Saturday May 13
We will leave at 8am from The Hudson River Greenway and the intersection of Chambers Street. If you live uptown, email us and we'll find a spot to meet you along the way!

We will stop for lunch in Elmsford (there's a deli and a subway - or bring your own!)

We plan to arrive at campground around 2pm. There is a supermarket very close to park. Bathroom, porta-pottys, showers, water and fire-pit are all provided.

We'll also be snagging some ramen at the store for everyone to share!

In addition to our normal fun shenanigans, we want to specifically open up this weekend to conversations about being AAPI in the outdoors. As an Asian outdoorsperson myself, I personally invite you to get curious!

The ride is around 42-mile bike on a mostly flat, protected bike lane.

Sunday May 14
You have the option to join a group ride back to the city or head to the train and take Metro-North back!

Check out the recap from a previous bikepacking to Croton here https://mappyhour.org/blog/2019/05/mappy-hour-field-trip-bikepacking/

Registration includes the group ride, your camp spot, and some swag.

This event is free for our pro members

We have a mandatory orientation at Solas Bar on May 8th. You will receive a code to register for free when you sign up for the field trip.

Packing List


A helmet is required on this bike ride. Bring extra tubes in case of flats as well as any tools specific to your bicycle (security key for wheels, etc). Bring along bike lights. Get your bike checked out before you depart. Are your tires properly aired up? Is your chain dry or oiled? How do your brakes feel?

Packing your bicycle:

Distribute the weight on your bike the best you can; avoid a heavy backpack if possible. Keep snackies for the ride and personal effects easily accessible. Don’t pack food unless it is specific to your diet - there is a supermarket just a few minutes away from camp! No need to carry a can of beans for 40 miles! In addition to saving weight, you must make sure your bike has the means to carry at least some of these items below:


Tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag recommended. If you bring a hammock, bring adequate cover along with extra straps / cordage.

Camp Tools:

cooking stove and cookware (we can also cook in the fire ring).

a headlamp or flashlight better than your phone.

knife or multi-tool for general cutting purposes.

a lighter.

at least 2 water bottles or hydration pack.


Check weather and adjust accordingly. Keep rain gear in mind always. Camp shoes and spare socks are nice.

Personal Effects:

handi-wipes, insect repellent and sunscreen are your friends.

bring anything along specific to your needs medical or otherwise and let us know in advance (allergic to fresh air, etc).

a personal first aid kit.

charger for your phone and bike lights.

trail snackies to munch on while riding.

Revise your list of items as needed.


Google Map Route

Event refund policy

You can get a refund until 7 days before the event