“January” Mappy Hour – NYC

Last night (February 2nd) we had our January Mappy Hour which, in our defense, was originally scheduled for January. Unfortunately, due to NYC completely shutting down (subways included) in anticipation for the Blizzard That Wasn’t we pushed Mappy Hour out a week only to be met by similarly terrible weather yesterday. Luckily, with the subways running and our stockpiles of outdoor gear we trekked to T2 Multisport on the Upper East Side for a bike-themed Mappy Hour.

This month we had a short talk on cycling training by Robert Pennino (head coach at T2) and then had a chance to try out the bikes ourselves which included an avatar of yourself you can watch and computer moderated terrain (i.e. you can add hills).

Our avatars lined up and ready to go!

While people tried out the bikes (leading to a friendly race at the end of the night) we looked at NYC bike maps, dreamed of adventures, and started planning a cycling trip to Montreal.

We finished with our classic #MappyHour instagram contest, the winner posting the first ever video submission and winning Contested Streets – a documentary on cycling in NYC.

As always, last night a great night with our awesome community (see more photos here). Thank you everyone for bringing your maps and energy – see you next time!

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